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What is home insurance?

Homeowners insurance covers you in case of a loss to your home and your personal possessions, it also protects you if you are legally liable to a persons injury or loss of their property.

I live in a rented apartment/house do I need insurance and how much is it?

If you want to cover your personal items and furniture in case of a loss and also protect yourself for personal liability then the answer is simply YES!

our prices start at low as $11/ month. 

My house is located in a high brush area will you insure me?

Yes, if no insurance company ill accept to insure you we can place you through the CA FAIR plan.


Auto insurance is our specialty

Affordable rates for all drivers:

We have a wide variety of programs that will fit your needs from state minimum coverage all they way to more advanced coverage with high limits.

We accept high risk drivers: 

If you had bad luck with accidents and if you have traffic violations we will sill be able to insure you and we will get you the best deal possible.

SR-22 Insurance:

We offer SR-22 filing for all our customers with DUI's and for anyone that needs it.


Shop commercial insurance products

When it comes to your business you want to make sure you have the right coverage in case of a claim is made against you and avoid the risk of loosing your business.

We have a variety of commercial insurance products that will fit your business nature needs.


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